Pre-Order BOGO


UPDATE: The Pre-Order BOGO offer has expired. If you purchased a copy of Hunks on or before June 13, you still have time to claim your copy of Beyond Hunks by following the instructions below. Please note: claims are only good through June 20, when Beyond Hunks will be removed from publication.

Didn’t swoop in and take advantage of the pre-order BOGO? You can still get all 18 of the Hunks in one box set for just 99 cents. With 54 four- and five-star reviews on just the second day of release, this is one bundle of hotties!

Beyond-Hunks-GenericIf you ordered Hunks to the Rescue on or before June 13, to claim your deal, follow these steps:

  1. Buy Hunks to the Rescue from your favorite participating eBooks retailer (Amazon, Kobo, iBooks,, etc.).
  2. Email proof of purchase to You can send a) a screenshot of your receipt for the purchase or b) copy and paste the information from your receipt into the email (i.e. confirmation number/info for your purchase).

Once your receipt is verified, we’ll send you a special link to download your free copy of the Beyond Hunks box set. It’s as easy as that!

Hunks to the Rescue is currently available for pre-order from these online stores:

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